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Come take a look at my visual effects Demo Reel

2010-09-28 01:25:04 by LemurGimmick

Hey passer-by-ers!
Recently gathered up odds and ends and put together a visual effects demo reel for my portfolio. Check it out if you get a chance!
Youtube DemoReel

Come take a look at my visual effects Demo Reel

Looking for Affordable Commissions anyone?

2010-05-26 20:46:57 by LemurGimmick

Howdy peeps,
I thought I'd give this a shot on here. Wondering if anyone would want to get any reasonably priced commissions? Just trying to scrounge up some extra cash, and I thought it would be neat to try it with art.

If you wanna look at my gallery, I can do a variety of material and styles, including sketches, which would be cheaper. One nice touch is that I can stream as I work on the commission on Ustream if you'd want to watch.

So... I guess I can give some estimate prices, but nothing definite, depending on what exactly the commission would be, and how complex~

Basic character sketch = $2.50 / $5 54/LemurGimmick/BOOYAY_Sketch.png

Monochrome sketch = $4 / $10 (+ color, additional $2 / $4)

"Speedpaint" with 1 character and environment = $15 / $45 (depending on how many hours spent to complete, and this one would be discussed extensively beforehand)

Remember, these aren't definite prices, but I hope they give you a good idea. If anyone is interested, toss me a PM, and we can discuss details. If I have any luck, I'll jot down a slot list so peeps know progress on commissions.
(on a side note, paypal is the safest and most reliable form of payment on the net, hence that's all I'll accept for the time being. Easy enough to set up as well if you don't have an account)

Well thanks for reading guys, catch you around
D Laz

Looking for Affordable Commissions anyone?

Artsy Fartsy

2010-01-30 20:12:13 by LemurGimmick

I don't do enough art, it's mostly a lack of self esteem towards it. Though I thought I decided to post some art here, and I have been getting quite posative feedback so far. So I'm going to try and produce some more stuff and slowely biuld up the urge to do art. Practice is gewd for you afterall.

As for that handsome devil you see in the traditional japanese apparel;
my sister went to Japan this New Years, and she asked me what she should pick up for me, and I said a pikachu outfit. To my surprisingly she did. So naturally, I'm going to wear it just to piss my friends off in public places.

Artsy Fartsy


2010-01-05 18:51:30 by LemurGimmick

I like Butts, and you know you like Butts. That is why I have made a newgrounds account.
Some of you might know me for my occational "machinima" and old stopmotion videos on youtube mmick
But as some of you may have heard me rant, I don't value machinima at all. It is a medium were you take existing material and make mediocre videos with it. I might do an occational one, cause it is a fast and easy medium to you, but always a very shallow outcome. Animation takes way more effort to do, and I value it a thousand fold over machinima. You might not see any animations from me any time soon, but eventually I shall post material on this account. Perhaps art, or soem random rag tag tunes, but animations will come one of these days. Well cheerios, and you might find more occational updates on my blog
Butts. Everybody likes Butts.